January 20, 2019

Project Management

Project Management Services

Requirement Study

Requirement analysis is the process of interpreting customer needs and deriving explicit requirements that are more specific to a particular part of a project. This would be study of work Flow , various components their interfaces , Site Surveys a and Time Lines 

Functional Analysis

Before the deploy team is sent to the site , Softsolmedia team spends substantial time to translate the network diagram into interconnectivity diagram of the various subsystems the interfaces compatibility. Thus working level Engineering diagrams are formed Softsolmedia also develops acceptance test document here to accept the Subsytems/ System .

Installation , Commissioning and Testing 

Softsolmedia employs the best practices for Installation of the requisite equipment .Carries out the cablings works and performs the basic check of the building blocks and performs system level testing. 

Project Management

SoftsolMedia’s experts will be single point of contact for the Study , Pilot, Migration , Acceptance and Operations of the Network. SoftsolMedia highly trained and experienced organization will deliver outstanding results while reducing the burden of Customer’s most valuable assets.