May 30, 2020

1M auto acquire flyaway antenna

Item No.: SS09

The main technical indexes of the system:

General performance
Open time≤5 Mins   
Stow time≤3 Mins
Style of the antennaModified double offset Gregorian antenna
Equivalent diameter1.0m
Control modeStandard configure:cable PC(user owned)、One-key operation
Optional configure: wireless PC、wireless PDA、cable hand-held terminal
ReflectorCarbon fiber,6 curved panels,5 of which are removable
RF characteristic
Operating frequency10.95~12.75 GHz13.75~14.50 GHz
Gain≥39.54+20log(f/11.8)  dBi
≥41.27+20log(f/14.125)  dBi
The first sidelobe≤-20dB≤-19dB
Sidelobe envelope29-25logθdBi(1.5°<θ<20°)29-25logθ dBi(1.5°<θ<20°)
Port isolation≥85dB(with primary filter)
Cross polarization≥34dB(on axi);≥31.5dB(offset 1dB)
Polarization modeLinear polarization
Feed portTwo ports
Mechanical characteristic
Azimuth range+90°~ +270°
Elevation rangeFace south:+25°~ +90°    (Factory preset)
Face north:+5°~ +90°     (Factory preset)
Polarization range±95°
Size of the reflector1000 × 950 mm(the whole)
Size of the host600 × 415 × 255 mm
Antenna weight≤21.3Kg(with LNB,without BUC)
LNB  characteristic
Operating bandStandard configure:12.25~12.75 GHz
Optional configure:10.95~12.75 GHz
Frequency stabilityStandard configure:PLL,Frequency stability±10KHz;
Optional configure:PLL,Frequency stability±1~±5KHz;
Optional configure:External 10MHz reference;
Noise figureStandard configure:0.8dB
Optional configure:0.6~1.0dB;
Port impedanceStandard configure:F type、75Ω
Optional configure:N type、50Ω
Power requirements
Power supply modeStandard configure:AC-DC(300W);Input 220VAC (50~60Hz);Provide 24V DC、5.5A output for BUC
Optional configure :AC-DC(550W);Input 220VAC (50~60Hz);Provide 48V DC、7A output for BUC
Power consumption≤68W(peak),without BUC
External port
Power supply3 core waterproof aviation plug
Antenna controlNetwork control port:7 core waterproof aviation plug or wireless
Hand-held terminal control port:26 core waterproof aviation plug
BUC power supplyInternal;External power supply,change the BUC power supply switch to 4 core aviation plug.
Tx/RxN-type female plug
BUC portWR-75
LNB portWR-75
Button Switch
One-key accessSelf reset,with light in center,indicating the working state of the antenna
BUC switchLocking ring type, with light indicating the power supply of BUC
Environmental conditions
Operating wind speedSteady wind≤50km/h(need balance weight);Gust≤65km/h(Strengthen balance weight)
Operating temperature-25℃~+55℃
Storage temperature-55℃~+85℃
Protection gradeIP55
Relative humidity0%~100%
BUC  installation specification
VertexRSIAC Psat:25W、35W、40W;DC Psat:25W、35W、40W
WaveStreamWith fan P1dB::16W、25W、40W;Without fan P1dB:16W
AdvantechSSPB-110K Serial P1dB:8W、10W、16W、20W
Power supplyCan provide internal or external power supply(AC、DC)、Coaxial power supply(for lower Wattage BUC)、independent interface power supply,but need to match the host power supply mode.