May 30, 2020

1.2m auto acquire flyaway antenna

Item No.: SS12

1.2M Ku band ring focus auto acquire flyaway Antenna

1.System composition

1.1. Antenna feed subsystem: ring focus paraboloid antenna (reflector material carbon fiber), Ku band corrugated horn, OMT, filter, etc,.
1.2. Antenna control subsystem: azimuth, elevation, polarization motor, resolver, ATPC control panel, etc.
1.3. Digital tracking subsystem: beacon receiver, GPS, DVB, WiFi module, etc..

2.System characteristics

2.1. The main structure is made of carbon fiber material, The overall antenna is made of sixty percent carbon fibers. The material is stable, lighter, rugged and more convenient for portable use.
2.2. The antenna has low side lobe and high gain, and accord with the requirements of the major satellite companies
2.3. The antenna system configuration of GPS positioning system, position detection system, polarization adjustment system, servo drive system, automatic protection system, high performance satellite beacon receiver system, Wi-Fi wireless control, intelligent control and other equipment management software.
2.4. One button operation, 3 minutes to complete the automatic positioning, deploy, tracking satellites.
2.5. Under special condition, when the GPS is not available, you can manually enter the longitude and latitude of the satellite and complete the operation of the star quickly.
2.6. Three modes of operation: automatic, electric and manual control, it is convenient for emergency operation in all kinds of conditions.
2.7. The antenna system is powered by a wide range of AC220V and can be customized according to the customer’s requirements

3.Technical specifications

Name1.2M Ku band ring focus Auto acquire Flyaway AntennaFeed formRing focus
Equivalent aperture
FrequencyRx: 10.95~12.75 GHz 
Rx: ≥41.5+20lg(f/12.50)dBi
Tx:13.75~14.5 GHzTx: ≥42.7+20 lg(f/14.25)dBi
Cross polarization isolation≥ 35 dBVSWRRx: ≤ 1.25
Port isolation
≥ 85 dBTx: ≤ 1.25
First sidelobe≤ -14 dBPower capacity100 W
Port formradio frequency port: WR75,Intermediate frequency port: N-50Ω
Moving rangeAzimuth± 95 °Rotational speedAzimuth0.1°~3 °/s
Elevation10°~90°Elevation0.1°~3 °/s
Polarization± 90°Polarization0.1°~3 °/s
Automatic acquire time≤ 3 minSatellite alignment typeAuto,manual
Tracking accuracyBetter than 1/5 half power beam widthPositioning typeGPS
Handheld specificationsDustproof, shockproof, waterproof cell phone
Operating  Tempe
-40°C~+60 °COperating wind speed11 m/s (Heavy pressure)
Storage temperature-50°C~+70 °CSurvival wind18 m/s(Heavy pressure)
Humidity requirement95%(20 °C)Protection gradeIP65
power220 VAC±10%,50Hz±2 HzSystem power
≤ 100W(no BUC)
System weight≤ 30 Kg (No power amplifier, packing and accessories)

4.Product Appearance


ItemNameMax DEMS(mm)Box Weight/KgProduct Weight/KgTotal/Kg
1Pelican CaseiM3275:895×720×490≤19≤30≤49

6.Packing list and accessories(Reference)

Pelican case(im3275):

1Turntable assembly1SetIncluding LNB
28 Piece Segmented 8pieceNo.1~8 piece
4Tripod support1set
5Dustproof, shockproof, waterproof cell phone1EAIncluding charging wire and charger
6Compass cable1set
7220V input cable1set
8Console cable1set