May 30, 2020

Softsolmedia’s 1.8M Motorized FlyawayAntenna

Item No.: SS22

Product features

  • High strength, light weight, carbon fiber *reflector with a surface accuracy of <0.3mm RMS.
  • Azimuth & elevation angle adjustment realizes fast and fine tuning function, it rapidly decreases the satellite acquisition period.
  • “One button acquisition” realizes non-professional personnel can easily follow the instruction to finish satellite acquisition.
  • The auto acquisition device includes a dual axis positioner, a GPS receiver and a digital compass.
  • Nonprofessional personnel can easily follow the instruction to finish satellite acquisition.
  • No additional tools required to realize satellite acquisition.
RF feature
Reflector aperture1.8m
Reflector materialCarbon fiber
Reflector typeOffset
Tx Gain(dBi)46.3+20 lg (f/14.25)41.5+20 lg(f/8.2)39.3+20 lg(f/6.25)38.7
Rx Gain(dBi)45.3+20 lg(f/12.5)40.8+20 lg(f/7.5)35.4+20 lg(f/3.8)35.4
Tx Isolation>85dB>85dB>85dB 
Rx Isolation>35dB>35dB>35dB 
Polarization FeatureLinearCircularLinearCircular
G/T (dB/K)24.4
(20° EL)
(10° EL. 50k LNA)
Feed InterfaceWR75WR112Tx WR137
Rx WR229
Tx WR137
Rx WR229
Cross Polarization≥35 dB (Axis) ≥32dB (-1dB)
Side Lobefirst side lobe < -14 dB
29-25logθ (1° ≤θ <20°)
32-25logθ (20° ≤θ <48°)
-10 dB (θ ≥48°)
Mechanical feature
Case ContentsRotary TableSide:820*500*620mmWeight: 75Kg
Support ArmSide:1200*450*200mmWeight: 38Kg
ReflectorSide:1300*600*670mmWeight: 74Kg
Support LegSide:1100*350*320mmWeight: 48Kg
Slewing areaAzimuth± 180°
Polarization± 95°
Operational WindOperation: 70kmph
Survival: 100kmph
Pointing LossMaximum 2.0 dB peak Rx loss at Ku (Operational Wind)
Power SupplyDC 24 V , AC110-220V (Optional)
Temperature-40° C to +60° C