June 23, 2019

DVB Multiplexer Scrambler

Product Overview

Multiplexer Scrambler is Softsolmedia’s latest multiplexing scrambling device. It has 4 bi-directional ASI and 3 bi-directional IP ports supporting up to 4 ASI and 128 IP input, after scrambling, it outputs 4 MPTS and max 4 ASI.

It has the functions of supporting auto-generation of PSI/SI information, PID re-mapping, service filtering and PCR adjusting. In conclusion, its high integration and cost effective design make this device widely used in the DVB Broadcasting system.

Key Features

*  ASI in/out: max 4 ASI input/output through 4 bi-directional ASI ports (ASI direction can be defined as input or output manually)

*  IP in/out: 128 IP input, 4 IP (MPTS) output through 3 bi-directional Data ports

*  Support scramble with up to 4 simulcrypt CAS

*  Up to 512 PIDs remapping per output channel

*  Support accurate PCR adjusting, PID filtering, re-mapping and PSI/SI rebuilding and editing

*  Huge buffer memory for saving the overflowing code stream

*  Alarming function

*  Web-based NMS management

Inner Principle Chart