January 20, 2019


SoftsolMedia offers its own Brand high-quality Video/Audio Compression ,Multiplexing and Digital Signal processing equipment alongwith DVB-T/H and DVB-T2 transmitters, passive components and antenna systems for digital TV broadcasting.


Frame structure, channel coding and modulation according to ETSI EN 300 744(DVB-T), ETSI EN 302 304(DVB-H), Single Frequency (SFN) operation as defined in ETSI TS 102 191 D


Frame structure, channel coding and modulation for second generation DTV according to ETSI EN 302 755 Modular Interface (T2-MI) acc.to ETSI TS 102 773 C

CE Marking Directive, 93/68/EEC

The exciter comprises all functional block for converting a delivered transport stream into a standardized output signal in final frequency position for DVB-T/T2 modes. In the case of an SFN transmitter, exciter includes the necessary timing and frequency synchronization. The active transport stream input is selectable via the serial command system or two switchable transport stream inputs can be used in redundancy solution with automatic switch over from primary to secondary in the case the primary signal is lost. To optimize transmitter performance a digital pre-corrector is included to correct linear error and non-linear distortion of RF power amplifiers.

External power amplifiers designed for the entire frequency range III (174-230MHz) or IV/V (470-862MHz) and are available for:

  • Small power transmitters – 50, 150, 300 W rms
  • H-series transmitters – function independently of each other amplifier modules, n x 300 W rms
  • V-series transmitters – function independently of each other amplifier modules, n x 600 W rms

The nominal output power of the transmitter after DTV filter.

The output channel band-pass filter, including its wiring, is a part of the transmitter. Output filter can be separated from the transmitter, in so far occasionally part of antenna combiner system.

Back-up system serve to maintain operation if the DVB-T/T2 transmitter system fails. The type of reserve specified at the time of ordering:

  • Double exciter with automatic switch over
  • 1+1 100% reserve
  • N+1 system

Change-over unit can be controlled locally or remotely over Ethernet.

The transmitter control and monitoring implement local and remote operation:

  • All settings are available on the front panel incl. local and remote visual messages and alarms
  • Transmitter (or transmitter group) remote control via Ethernet or GSM-network with Software
  • Management of device history
  • Control of third party equipment and integration into a single system