May 31, 2020

2.4m One Button Acquisition Flyaway Antenna

Item No.: SS30

Product feature

  • Antenna is assembled into 8 packing cases, each case less than 55 KG.
  • Azimuth & elevation angle adjustment realizes fast and fine tuning functions, it rapidly decreases the satellite acquisition period.
  • “One button acquisition” realizes non-professional personnel can easily follow the instruction to finish satellite acquisition.
  • The auto acquisition device includes a dual axis positioner, a GPS receiver and a digital compass.
  • Non professional personnel can easily follow the instruction to finish satellite acquisition.
  • Reflector uses carbon fiber material, it has the features of high strength and light weight.
  • No additional tools required to realize satellite acquisition.

Antenna system specifications

Reflector aperture2.4m
Tx frequency13.75~14.5 GHz5.85~6.425GHz
Rx frequency10.95~12.75 GHz3.625~4.20GHz
Tx gain48.7+20lg(f/14.25) dBi41.2+20lg(f/6.13)dBi
Rx gain47.2+20lg(f/12.5)dBi37.3+20lg(f/3.9)dBi
Polarization featureLinearLinear
Cross polarization (Axis )35 dB35 dB
Power capacity300W300W
Rx/Tx isolation85 dB85 dB
Sidelobe-14 dB(Frist sidelobe)
29-25logθ  (1°≤θ<20°)
32-25logθ  (20≤θ<48°)
-10 dBi      (θ≥48°)
Reflector typeGregorian
CaseReflector ASize:1205*1105*515mm weight: 45Kg
Reflector BSize:1205*1005*515mm weight: 44Kg
Back structure+ rotation platformSize:1605*905*295mm weight: 55Kg
support leg ASize:1605*495*365mm weight: 52Kg
support leg BSize:1755*415*365mm weight: 41Kg
Rotation platform 1Size:575*575*655mm weight: 53Kg
Support armSize:1205*650*555mm weight: 47Kg
Rotation platform 2Size:575*575*620mm weight: 46Kg
Slewing areaAzimuth± 220°
Polarization± 100°
Work windload18m/s