June 23, 2019

DVB EIT multiplexer


EIT multiplexer is a kind of enhanced TS multiplexer with EIT multiplexing function for digital TV broadcasting head-end system. EIT multiplexer has all the functions of normal TS multiplexer, including program multiplexing, PSI/SI editing, etc. It has 12 ASI input ports, 2 two separate ASI output ports and 2 gigabits IP output ports. Different from normal TS multiplexer, EIT multiplexer can not only multiplex programs’ video, audio, PCR PIDs, but also multiplex the PIDs of program’s EIT table (event information table). When user selects the needed programs and give them to the output, The EIT table PIDs will automatically go to the output together with the programs’ PIDs such as video, audio, PCR, ect. EIT table is the core part of EPG system of Digital TV Broadcasting. In Comparison with normal EPG system architecture, this facility largely gives the convenience to users who want to have EPG service to their Digital Head-end System. It doesn’t require EPG server, EPG Database, and day after day painstaking Database maintenance. The reason is most of TS from satellite has related EIT table (EPG information) already.


* Fully complying with ISO13818 and EN300468

* Support 2 channel TS re-multiplexing

* 12 ASI input ports

* Support accurate PCR adjusting

* Support PSI/SI rebuilding and editing

* Supporting the cascading connection between multiple equipments

* EIT automatically multiplexing with multiplexed programs

* TS over UDP output as mirror of ASI output

* LCD/keyboard and network management(NMS)



Supporting both packet and byte mode TS input

Supporting 188/204Byte transport stream packet

12 ASI inputs

ASI input connector: BNC, impedance 75Ω

ASI Output

Two separate ASI outputs

Maximum bit rate: 215Mbps

IP Output

Two separate gigabit outputs

Maximum output bit rate: 215 Mbps

UDP output, support unicast and multicast



44mm X 482mm X 410mm