January 22, 2019

FM transmitters

Keeping You always on air” – is our quote designing FM transmitters. Softsolmedia produces variety of FM radio transmitters, capable to assure your on air-availability. We offer FM transmitters for 87.5 – 108 MHz frequency bands, with output power from 10W to 10kW, dual-reserved or not, with remote control via RS232, RS485, ETHERNET, on 19″ constructive base.

EX-FM-35S1U FM Exciter/TransmitterMore info
RT-FMS-251/501/10012U FM TransmittersMore info
RT-FMS-20011+2U FM TransmittersMore info
RT-FMS-3001/4001/50011+4U FM TransmittersMore info
RT-FMS-5001/10001U rack FM TransmittersMore info