June 23, 2019

DVB ASI to IP Gateway


ASI to IP Gateway is a head-end interface conversion device. It converts 8 ASI input to 256*SPTS, 32*SPTS or 20*SPTS (with BISS function) output. After multiplexing the TS, it packetises the TS into IP packets and output the IP packets through different IP address and ports. It supports IP output (UDP, RTP/RTSP protocol).


* Supports IP to ASI one-way conversion

* Support 8 channels ASI input

* Support BISS descrambling (Up to 120Mbps)

* 1 GE output, maximum output bit-rate is 800Mbps (for 32/20 SPTS output) or 400Mbps ( for 256 SPTS output)

* IP null packet filter(only for 32/20 SPTS output)

* SPTSx256, SPTSx32 or SPTSx20 (For version with BISS function) over UDP, RTP/RTSP, unicast and multicast

* Support LCD display and keyboard

* Support SNMP/Web operation

Principle Chart


Input8 ASI input                                         ­    
Output1 GE output, UDP, RTP/RTSP protocol, unicast and Multicast,256 SPTS output — Without BISS function & IP null packet filter,32 SPTS output — Without BISS function,20 SPTS output — With BISS function
BISS descramblingMode 1, Mode E
Transmission Bit-rateMaximum total bit-rate is 400Mbps—256 SPTS output

GeneralDimension(WxLxH)- 482mm×410mm×44mm
Temperature0~45℃(working ),-20~80℃(storage)
Power supply100~240VAC,50/60Hz