January 22, 2019

Broadcasting antennas

Softsolmedia offers a variety of broadcasting antennas both as for FM Radio as for TV operating with different radiation patterns and frequency ranges .. Custom solutions are also available.

BLR-2DBAx1Dipole antenna for FM broadcastingMore info
BLR-2DBAx1PBLR-2DBA panel antenna for FM broadcastingMore info
BLR-2DBAx2Two dipoles FM antenna systemMore info
BLR-2DBAx4Broadband FM radio broadcasting antennaMore info
BLR-2DBAx8Eight dipole antenna for FM broadcastingMore info
TV-8-VOmnidirectional TV antennaMore info
TV-11Omnidirectional TV antennaMore info
BLR-7GPAOmnidirectional FM broadcasting antennaMore info
TVA- panel antenna systemOmni-directional TV antenna pannel systemMore info