January 20, 2019

Digital Media Solutions

Broad Gamut of Services Falls Under:

  • Managed Services – SoftSolMediaTech can provide skilled, technical engineers to run / handle day to day operations especially in data centers, head ends, NOCs. Especially in the enterprise area, SoftSolMediaTech provides skilled CCNA, CCNP certified L1, L2 & L3 engineers who are capable to manage the complete enterprise data center / media headend infrastructure.​
  • Turnkey Projects – SoftSolMediaTech undertakes complete solution design and deployment which include Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning in the Wireless, Wireline or Digital Media Solutions space.
  • Digital HeadEnd / Teleport – SoftSolMediaTech can design, supply and deploy the technical infrastructure at Digital Headend / Teleport. The deployments are in line with International standards followed globally.
  • Production Workflow – Our experts can design / optimise the production workflow / conduct professional audits, provide valuable feedbacks & insights which will help streamline your operational activities.Whether it be PCRs / MCRs / NOCs, SoftSolMediaTech has the hands on experience to suggest the best solution.
  • Asset Management – As the industry is moving towards automated workflow, SoftSolMediaTech experts have been dabbling with the asset management whether it be DAM/MAM. SoftSolMediaTech is tied up with a range of solutions which will serve the purpose of managing the audio /video assets for the customer.
  • Storage Solutions – SoftSolMediaTech provides a range of simple NAS /SAN based storage or large scale intelligent storage / archive options based on the use case requirements with the customers. SoftSolMediaTech also deals in cloud based storage deployments.
  • Monitoring Solutions – As the production environments are moving to a file based platforms, consumption is getting multifold with OTT / IPTV coming into play. This is where QoE comes into play and having a good customer experience matters. SoftSolMediaTech provides tools and services to handle the complete monitoring part in a professional manner.